Infants Care At the Omega Child Development Center, we have developed a nurturing and creative world for the infant’s development. If you are looking for a familiar child care center away from home, where your child can learn, play, grow and built their first steps toward their future, the Omega Child Development Center is the center for you and your family. Infants have their own pattern for play, feeding and sleeping. Through these concepts we introduce the infant daily activities. Our trained teachers and staff offer a nurturing environment for infants to develop and grow. Program features:  - Nurturing personal care - Age appropriate social interaction - Curiosity and socialization - Playtime and activities focusing on cognitive and motor skills - Age appropriate materials and toys Your Infant’s day consists of: - Fine-motor skills development, hand/eye coordination, hand and body movement - Professional personal attention and interaction - Singing, reading and talking to support development during the growing stages.