Toddlers care During the toddler’s developmental stage, the child learns a great deal about social roles and develops motor skills as well as trust in its immediate environment and the care providers. The Omega Child Development Center helps toddlers develop and enhance their cognitive, language,  motor and social skills. Ideas are turned into words, phrases and expressions that assists in the emotional development of each child.     Program Features: Group instruction that promotes social skill development Playtime, nurturing, and learning throughout the day Monthly themes that provide experiences for learning and daily activities Learning areas focusing on dramatic play, creative arts, language and exploration Your Toddler’s day involves: - Designed classrooms and equipment to support safe exploration to discover, build    motor skills, and coordination. - Activity that develop hand/eye coordination, creative movement to music and hands on - Stimulating activities such as sorting, exploring colors, counting and categorizing - First word and vocabulary development, directions and identifying familiar items - Creative art activities for self-expression and pretend roles - Group time activities that incorporate songs, games, stories and more.