The mission of the Omega Day Care Center is to provide high quality Infants, Todders and Pre-school services in a community based environment.  To accomplish our task, we are using the latest educational technology for the classrooms in order to provide your children with the highest exposure toward educational success. The Smart Board interactive whiteboard system offers teachers and students an unparallel classroom experience. Teachers will be able to focus on teaching and instruction of children and use educational technology to enhance the learning process. The teachers can create a complete technology center that will make learning a dynamic experience for your children.  Students will be able to listen to a historic speech, watch a documentary using DVD/VCR or tour an art gallery on the internet.  In addition, they can travel the world through an online learning experience which makes learning fun, interactive and fascinating. The Smart Board interactive whiteboard plays a key role in lesson planning and visual learning.  Combined with the right digital resources and the teacher’s preparation, the Smart Board will help improve student’s understanding of the lesson plan.  Every student will have their own personal e-folder with their individualized special projects. Research Findings indicates that: -  Students become highly engaged when there are opportunities to work    directly on the interactive Smart whiteboard. -    Visual and tactile lessons lead to multisensory engagement in the learning      process. -    The use of the Smart interactive whiteboard limits opportunities for      distractions by focusing students’ attention on the lesson. Technology